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ECP establishes Election City for Instant Transmission of results

Islamabad: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has inaugurated an advanced Election City within its premises, featuring cutting-edge technology aimed at promptly delivering election results from 855 constituencies to the media.

During a briefing to the media, Muhammad Khizer Aziz, Director of Information Technology, highlighted the meticulous strategy devised to receive election outcomes through various channels such as WhatsApp, email, and fax.

To ensure seamless dissemination, the ECP has established an alternative website as a backup plan to counter any potential disruptions. Additionally, in areas with internet connectivity challenges, the Election Management System (EMS) will be activated, supported by satellite communication where necessary.

Khizer Aziz elaborated on the EMS’s functionalities, detailing a two-part process involving the initial capture of results through photographs by Presiding Officers. These results will swiftly be transmitted to the respective Returning Officers for Form-45 preparation, ultimately reaching the ECP and media outlets.

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In the event of connectivity issues, offline modules will be employed to compile and transmit election results. Presiding Officers across all constituencies have been directed to photograph Form 45 and promptly submit it to their designated Returning Officers.

Returning Officers will then compile the data on Form-47 and share it with the media for public dissemination. To facilitate this process further, media walls have been installed at each Returning Officer’s office, along with five additional media walls at the ECP Election City. These media walls will provide continuous updates on the election results for both national and provincial assemblies.

The Election Commission’s implementation of state-of-the-art technology underscores its commitment to transparency and efficiency in the electoral process, ensuring timely and accurate reporting of election outcomes to the public and media alike.

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