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French business leaders discuss international expansion with Senator Hingray

BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates hosts social gathering with Senator of Vosges

DUBAI: BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates (BSA) hosted a social gathering with French Senator Jean Hingray, senator of the Vosges.

Held in BSA’s award-winning DIFC offices, the evening focused on discussions regarding the influence of French companies internationally and the desire to see more French businesses established in the Emirates.

BSA partner Michael Kortbawi introduced the Senator to guests over cocktails and canapés, with the Senator then exchanging views regarding the challenges faced in the pursuit of expanding their businesses overseas with the highly engaged crowd.

Senator Hingray shared with the audience the initiatives taken by the French Senate in its effort to position France at the forefront of global exposure; he offered the audience invaluable advice and elaborated on some incentives implemented to encourage them in their global expansion.

With BSA having, since its incorporation, assisted in the set up and growth of French clients in the region, the firm takes pride in creating a space for them to connect, network and exchange insights on their business goals.

“We were honoured to welcome Senator Jean Hingray as our keynote speaker at this event,” said Michael Kortbawi. “This gathering was a great opportunity for French entrepreneurs to exchange experiences and learn about the initiatives taken by the French Senate to support the growth of French businesses in the Emirate. We are delighted to offer our French clients a platform to connect and network.”

Senator Hingray added: “French businesses have a great potential to expand internationally and events like these provide us with a valuable opportunity to connect with French business leaders, listen to their real-life examples of establishing a French business overseas and to understand their needs and concerns.”

With the UAE being one of France’s largest trading partners in the Middle East, events such as these are of extreme importance to the business community.

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