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I am called when the economy is in trouble: Dar

Pakistan has completed its work regarding FATF: Finance Minister

Islamabad: Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has expressed his determination to face the economic challenges faced by the country and said that I am called when the economy is in trouble.

While addressing the Chartered Accountants Association Conference, the Finance Minister predicted that inflation will be reduced in the coming days and I am trying to get the country out of the usurious system and bring it to the Islamic system.

“Pakistan has completed its work regarding FATF”

He further said that Pakistan has completed its work regarding FATF, we cannot make any announcement before the announcement of FATF, we are free to take decisions regarding the economy and the agreement with the IMF. Will you follow it?

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The Federal Finance Minister said that the dollar rate is the responsibility of the State Bank. The real value of the dollar is less than 200 rupees, the artificial increase will decrease in the next few days. He said that in CPEC projects, help has been taken from the private sector for energy projects.

The government is considering buying oil from Russia.

Ishaq Dar said that if India can take oil from Russia, we can also take it while the government is considering to get oil from Russia.

He further said that the ML1 project was to be built at a cost of 6 billion dollars for which Pakistan needed a loan.


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