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If anything wrong with leaked-audio, will apology to nation: PM

ٹhere was nothing illegal in his leaked conversation with PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz: Shahbaz Sharif

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that there is nothing wrong in the audio leaks, Maryam Nawaz did not ask for any concession or recommendation for her son-in-law.

Talking to the media in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that you all have heard about the audio leaks, there is no such thing in it, Principal Secretary Dr. Tauqeer talked about ordering the remaining machines for Maryam Nawaz’s son-in-law’s sugar mill from India. No transaction was discussed.

He said that I had made it clear that the matter would go to the Economic Coordination Committee and then after approval it would be presented to the Cabinet. The Prime Minister said that half of the machinery of Maryam Nawaz and our son-in-law came from India during the PTI regime, which is now idle due to non-completion.

The Prime Minister said that there was no talk of giving diamonds or giving lands in the audio, as was revealed during the reign of Imran Khan. If my mistake is proven somewhere in the recent audio leaks, I will apologize to the nation.

He ridiculed Imran Khan and said that this person did not keep the gifts received from foreign countries in the Tosha Khana but took them with him and now blames the government.

The Prime Minister said that ‘I and all of us are sinners and sometimes we even tell lies, but there is no one more deceitful and liar than Imran Khan. It tarnishes the role of the opponents and tries to make the state institutions fight. He further said that Imran Khan took approval from the cabinet in a sealed envelope for his own benefit, which caused the national exchequer to suffer a loss of billions of rupees.

Shahbaz Sharif said that all the official visits he made till date, since 1997 till date, he paid the expenses of all foreign trips from his own pocket, it is not a matter of kindness.

The Prime Minister said that whoever is the Prime Minister، if there is a security breach, who will come? The Prime Minister’s House is a matter of honor for the state of Pakistan, I am forming a high-powered committee to investigate the audio leaks.

He said that with one hand you have a knife and with the other hand you insult the people, the previous government destroyed the economy, we are connecting straws, PTI used to talk to friendly countries in a manipulative manner and did nothing. , it destroyed the country’s economy and friendly countries were treated as if they came to ask for money from you.

He said that Pakistan came out of isolation because of this coalition government. What I was told, at the United Nations meeting we highlighted it.

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