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Imran Khan was hit by 3 pieces, not bullets, Forensic report

Lahore: The forensic report of the assassination attack on Chairman PTI Imran Khan has come to light, according to which he was hit not by bullets but by 3 fragments of bullets and a metal piece.

10 bullet shells found at the scene were sent for forensics, which were fired at Imran Khan’s truck. Apart from Khol, a report was also sent to Forensic by the Medical Legal of Jinnah Hospital.
According to the report, shots were fired from the left side of the truck in which Imran Khan was riding. 33 pieces of evidence were sent in a parcel to the Forensic Science Laboratory. All these evidences were submitted by CCPO Lahore, DPO Wazirabad and JIT members.

Apart from this, the post-mortem report of Moazzam Gondal also came to light, according to which he was hit by a bullet in the back of the head, which exited the forehead. A bullet was fired at Muazzam from a height, which caused his death.

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