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Government has no other option but IMF, Imran Khan

Islamabad: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the government knows that it has no other option but the IMF. Faced with humiliation by going to the IMF, their legs start shaking at the name of election.

Talking to the media in Lahore, he said that two families have returned to the country for 30 years, 7.5 lacs Pakistanis have left the country. There is no example of what happened, overseas Pakistanis are very disappointed with the domestic situation.

Imran Khan said that it may be ignored, but the only solution is the election, there is a wave of despair in Pakistan. They know that there is no other option but the IMF, they face humiliation by going to the IMF and their legs start shaking in the name of elections.

He said that when we assumed power, the country was close to default, it is very important to reduce the difficulties of exporters, unless exports increase, Pakistan will not develop, exports did not increase during the PML-N period.

Imran Khan said that our government ordered 3 billion dollar corona vaccine, gave 5.5 million new jobs in 3 years, money laundering people are teaching today, we were repeatedly told that you failed, our Ravi City project. The aim was to save the river, improvement of economy after 17 years, the best performance of our government, what was the reason the best performing government was removed.

He said that we had 250 billion dollars of investment from China, unless the investment comes, the country’s wealth will not increase, the highest inflation in 50 years, we were removed from the government and imposed by thieves. Gaya, last March, April the industries used to say that we are not getting workers and now 1.5 lakh people have been made unemployed in the textile sector.

He said that the economy cannot be stable without political stability in the country, the people are not with the imported government, Sri Lanka was also facing such a situation, unemployment on one side and high inflation on the other.

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