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Punjab refusal to comply federal order to close the market early

Lahore: The Punjab government has refused to accept the federal order regarding early closure of the market and has said that we will take this decision ourselves and after consulting all the stakeholders.

According to Leading News, the federal cabinet has approved the government’s decision to close markets, wedding halls and restaurants soon under the energy saving plan, which will be implemented in all provinces, but the Punjab government has refused to implement the decision.

Senior Minister of Punjab Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that the Punjab government will take the decision to close the shops at 8 pm. For this, the Punjab government will call its own cabinet meeting, unemployment in the country is increasing, they cannot decide about it.

He said that the federal government is taking decisions of its failure in haste, but we will meet all the stakeholders, a meeting will be held with the chambers and shopkeepers of Punjab.

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He said that the economy of the country has already shrunk, the government is taking revenge for its failure from the people, the decisions of the imported government will not be accepted by the Punjab government in any case.

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