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‘Launch She’: a short film on women empowerment

DUBAI: ‘Launch She’ — a short film based on the theme of women empowerment — just recently premiered at VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates.

The film, produced by Kushbu Surana, showcases the struggles faced by a woman of special needs in pursuing her dreams and doing what her heart desires. It is directed by Niteesh Mohanan under the banner of Avighna Production. The main cast includes Laurance Langdon, Emma Brian and Madeline Langdon.

‘Launch She’ is a movie about a young, determined woman on a wheelchair. Her dream is to fly a plane. But due to her physical limitations, she is discouraged by everyone around her. She has an idol — Jessica Cox — whom she admires and wants to be like her. After she has lost all hope, one day she comes across an article in a magazine that changed her life. The article is about Launch She and how it was helping women start their dream businesses. This helps her turn her dreams into reality.

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Producer Kushbu Surana is the Founder & CEO of Launch She. From being an award-winning investment banker at Bank Of America, she went on to start a women accelerator in Dubai to help women in starting their business.

Launch She is a local platform to empower women in a number of fields and provides them appropriate training, mentorship and funding.

The Launch She initiative was started in 2021 with an aim to support ambitious and innovative women entrepreneurs in the UAE, enabling them from idea generation to a business venture.

Kushbu wants all women to “take the first step” and join Launch She to turn their dreams into reality.

The film’s premier was attended by dignitaries including Sheikh Rashid Bin Majid Al Mualla, a member of the Ruling Family of Umm Al Quwain, Dr Abdulla Khalid Saeed Al Kinda, Dr Suaad Al Shamsi, the first female aircraft engineer in the UAE, and Walid, Founder & CEO of Dubai Consultancy.

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