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Lawyers Are The Backbone Of Society, CJ Bandial

Islamabad: Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandyal has said that Lawyers Are The Backbone Of Society, CJ Bandial lawyers are the backbone of society.

According to the declaration of the Supreme Court, he said this during a meeting with the delegation of the Punjab Bar Council. In the meeting, the Chief Justice emphasized the training of young lawyers.

Lawyers Are The Backbone Of Society, CJ Bandial

According to the statement, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said that lawyers are the backbone of society, and the role of lawyers is important for upholding the constitution and implementing the law.

The US legal system is complex, and this can lead to confusion. With the help of law professor John B. Owens, CJ Bandial seeks to clarify the basics of the legal system, while providing helpful tips for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Lawyers are a critical part of every society. In fact, they are the backbone of all legal systems. As such, they have a responsibility to ensure that the rules of law are fully understood and followed. They are also the best people to help keep society safe.

Juries of all sizes pay huge amounts of money for finding the right verdict for them to be able to offer stability and security for the rest of their lives. Most people would love to have a career where they can make money during their more prosperous years, and no one would have a problem supporting themselves with a prestigious salary.

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