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No chance to get back in assembly: Imran Khan

Grateful to the government for reviving the cipher.

Islamabad: The chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that he will not go back to the assembly under any circumstances. We had said on the first day that the current government is not democratic but criminal.

Speaking to the media in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that he is grateful to the government for reviving the cipher. It is clearly written in the cipher that Imran Khan should be removed. How can those who benefited from the cipher investigate it?

On the issue of Tosha Khan, he challenged the government to investigate and said that he challenges that the Tosha Khana case should be heard openly.

He said that we will go towards the general elections, we will be successful no matter how much rigging we do in the by-elections.

Imran Khan said that the long march is not far away, they are coming with full preparation for the long march, earlier we did not know how we would be treated but now we know that the sea of ​​people will come in the long march and no one can stop.

He said that the Chief Election Commissioner had done constituencies together with the PML-N, he had never met the Chief Election Commissioner and Justice Faiz Isa.
The Chief Election Commissioner is a tool of those doing political engineering.

Claiming the biggest revolution in Sindh, Imran Khan said that the biggest revolution will take place in Sindh during the elections. When he went to Sukkur, the reaction of the people seemed as if Kashmir was getting independent. The People’s Party in Sindh cannot succeed anymore. The flood of Sindh has swept away the People’s Party.


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