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Oman closes tourist sites as heavy rains persist

Authorities urge people to stay away from coastal areas and follow instructions

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Authorities in  Oman have closed tourist sites until bad weather eases.

The country’s Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority on Sunday said it was cutting access to the sites because people were not following warnings to stay away from flooded wadis and coastal areas.

Low cloud hangs over a town

It comes as the country has been hit by a sustained period of heavy rain and strong winds.

Several people have died in floods over the past few days, the Royal Oman Police said, while rescue teams are continuing to search for those who remain missing.

Oman Meteorology has also given a warning of more downpours, along with a chance of thunderstorms and blowing dust that could cut visibility.

Southern Oman is also experiencing the “khareef” season, which takes place when low-pressure systems drift across from India, which itself is being lashed by monsoons.

This phenomenon causes the region to turn a lush green, with wadis and waterfalls surging and the seas turning choppy.

This year it is particularly intense with authorities warning people to stay away from rough seas in the southern province of Dhofar.

Thunderstorms had been expected during the Eid Al Adha holidays, according to Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority
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