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PM Emphasizes Collaborative Approach for Economic Growth at SIFC Meeting

Islamabad: On Thursday, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar urged all stakeholders to pursue the initiatives of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) with renewed vigor. The directive, issued during the 7th meeting of the Apex Committee of SIFC, emphasized a collaborative approach to yield short to medium-term dividends, while also initiating processes for long-term endeavors in the larger national interest.

Chaired by the Prime Minister, the 7th meeting of the Apex Committee witnessed the presence of Chief of Army Staff, federal cabinet members, provincial chief ministers, and high-level government officials. The gathering focused on a comprehensive review of various initiatives led by the SIFC forum, with ministries presenting progress reports on projects in key sectors and outlining plans to enhance the ecosystem for timely investment realization.

Expressing extreme satisfaction with the overall progress achieved under the SIFC umbrella, the committee commended the increasing level of engagements with friendly countries. The proactive outreach strategy to engage both public and private entities has translated into heightened traction and approvals on both domestic and global fronts.

Policy-level interventions were greenlit during the meeting to further enhance investors’ confidence. These include measures related to repatriation of profits, strengthening domestic dispute resolution mechanisms, infrastructural and human resource development, and expediting the operationalization of the EXIM Bank.

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The committee directed the formulation of a comprehensive strategy to address oil and gas issues sustainably. This strategy aims to make targeted investments in relevant industries, ensuring a strategic and long-lasting resolution to challenges in the sector.

The Apex Committee acknowledged progress on the privatization of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and directed authorities to maintain a fast pace in the process. This reflects a commitment to streamline and expedite economic reforms.

The Chief of Army Staff reaffirmed the unwavering commitment of the Pakistan Army to support government initiatives across various domains, ensuring sustainable economic recovery. The collaborative efforts between the military and the government underscore a united front for the nation’s prosperity.

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