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PM Shehbaz’s FCA relief order put into action

Those who have paid the bills already will have the amount deducted from their bills next month

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s relief order for citizens consuming less electricity has been put into action, as reported on Sunday.

According to a notification issued, the implementation of the premier’s order regarding the fuel charge adjustment (FCA) has begun with consumers using 300 units and below not being charged fuel costs in their electricity bills.

It is pertinent to note that exorbitant fuel prices were added to the bills in August, which sparked protests nationwide.

Upon the PM’s directives, the payment of new bills has begun and the deadline for payments has also been extended.

However, those who have paid the bills already will have the amount deducted from their bills next month.

Last month, after receiving the inflated electricity bills, people across Pakistan resorted to protests against the government’s decision to approve a massive increase in power charges for bills in August for both domestic and industrial power consumers.

The protesters called the exorbitant electricity bills unfair and demanded that the government withdraw the increase immediately.

Following this, PM Shehbaz in a video address from Qatar had said that FCA – linked to international fuel prices –had witnessed an exorbitant rise due to which additional charges had been imposed on the electricity bills.

He, however, had vowed that the government will provide relief.

“I took notice of this [inflated electricity bills] and on the instructions of [PML-N supremo] Mian Nawaz Sharif… we have decided to waive additional charges from the electricity bills of 17 million consumers out of a total of 30 million,” the premier had explained.

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