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Preliminary Results for all 852 National & Provincial Seats released

Islamabad: The Election Commission has announced the preliminary results for a significant number of national and provincial assembly constituencies across Pakistan

In total, the Election Commission has declared inconclusive and preliminary results for 852 national and provincial assembly constituencies nationwide.

Elections have been postponed in three constituencies across the country, while results for three constituencies have been withheld, adding an element of suspense to the electoral process.

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Specifically, for the National Assembly, results for 264 general seats have been announced, with the outcome for NA-8 postponed and the results for NA-88 withheld.

In the Punjab Assembly, results for 296 general seats have been declared, with elections for PK-266 postponed due to the unfortunate demise of a candidate.
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In Sindh, the Election Commission has announced inconclusive results for 129 general seats, with results for PS-18 being withheld pending further investigation.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly saw inconclusive results for 112 general seats, with elections postponed in PK-22 and PK-91 due to the unfortunate passing of candidates, and the results for PK-90 halted by the Election Commission.

Finally, all 51 general seats of the Balochistan Assembly have seen inconclusive results, reflecting the diverse political dynamics of the region.

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