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Ready To Deal With “Marchers” : Sanaullah

The government has prepared to prevent mischief and corruption, Interior Minister

Islamabad: The Federal Minister for Interior Ready To Deal With “Marchers” : Sanaullah, if any body try to move toward D-Chowk or Red Zone they will get treated effectively, The government has prepared to prevent mischief and corruption.

Interior Minister Rana sanaullah further said in his statement that PTI will provide protection if it wants to protest peacefully according to the law, but there is no way to talk to Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Imran Khan uses inappropriate words for opponents.

Ready To Deal With “Marchers” : Sanaullah More over he said, One-third of the country is submerged in water due to floods and rains, leaving 3.5 million people homeless across the country.

Rana Sanaullah Said

Rana Sanaullah said that we are currently taking steps to get out of this problem, how can new elections be held in the current situation.

On the other side, Ex-Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid while talking on social media said that PDM’s countdown has started, Islamabad has become a 27 km long prison, they will shoot tear gas shells on their people from drones to protect the artificial power.

In one of his statements on the social networking site Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that 2 crore more people have gone below the poverty line, 2 billion rupees on petrol is going from the poor’s pocket to the treasury every day.

Sheikh Rasheed said that ignoring France and sending a delegation to Israel is a question mark.

22 out of 72 ministers have no department, a writ has been filed in the High Court on this, the poor are not getting flour, the rulers are spending time in 7 star hotels of America, said he.

Sheikh Rasheed Said

Sheikh Rasheed said that the world is talking, they are not giving help, they have to go to (Bandgali) or hold an election, the decision will be taken soon.

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