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Seva Experience Hosting Five New Events

From world-renowned astrologist workshops to an Italian gypsy jazz band, there is a lot in store this January.

UAE: Seva Experience, the soul-filled yoga and meditation studio located in Jumeirah Beach Road, sets the tone for the New Year with an exciting line-up of events led by renowned wellness experts. Delve into a quantum journey of the Chakra system and awaken your Starseeds; create heart-centred astrological methods for healing and growth; chant to connect in harmony with one another or jazz your night away with an Italian gypsy band.


The Italian gypsy band from Torino is back jamming their way at SEVA Table’s brunch on 29th January from 2pm -6pm. They will also be rehearsing mantras and practising with crystal bowls for a unique experience during the Cacao ceremony with Eda Gungor on the last day of the month.

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Seva Table Brunch and Jazz

January 29 | 12:30pm – 4pm

Cacao Ceremony

January 31 | 8pm – 10pm


Four classes initiating deep recalibration of the Chakra system, sound of sacred alchemy, cosmic toning, breathwork or light language, Modern Mysticism masterclass dictated by Alexandra Kallos includes live, channelled and guided Quantum journeys offering a deep immersion into the timeless teachings of the ‘Mystery Schools aiming to ignite all those walking the path of the positive Ascension Timeline. This masterclass aims to awaken the Starseeds for the conscious person on a committed spiritual path and for those souls that feel called to be the New Earth leaders. Dispatched over four consecutive Sundays of full days of teaching; each day forms a different ‘pillar’ of the four-week Masterclass in which various elements of the times mystical teachings are focused upon. Alexandra is also available for private sessions of Channelling and Quantum Regression Hypnosis.

Modern Mysticism Masterclass

January 15, 22, 29, and February 5
10am to 4pm; lunch break included
AED 2,900

Channelling Private Sessions

January 15 – February 5 (on demand)
AED 1,050 | 60 mins

Quantum Regression Hypnosis

January 15 – February 5 (on demand)
AED 1,700 | 180 mins


The world-famous astrologer Kaypacha returns to SEVA for two full weekend workshops showcasing his signature methods for healing and growth which aids in breathwork, meditation and more. He is hosting two open nights on the changing nature of relationships, focusing on the world’s economy and current events. You can expect to learn about reading your astrological birth chart as a virtual blueprint of your soul, building a foundation to progress from and expanding your chart reading skills, astrological cycles of growth and evolution, and more.

The Astrology of Love & Relationships

January 27 | 7pm

The Astrology of Money

February 3 | 7pm


Human Design is a modern synthesis of four ancient systems: Astrology, the Chakra system, the I-Ching and the Kabbalah. The graph details a unique blueprint of a person’s life as each day, we are faced with a numerous number of choices and decisions so often come from the wisdom stored away in our minds – by advice and teachings from parents, teachers or even friends. From a physics degree to decades-long practices of meditation, yoga and tantra to a successful career as a Sales Director and a father of two grown boys, Billy White has embraced his understanding of life and enjoys sharing his experiences with others. White is offering his own Human Design readings this January exclusively at Seva.

Date From January 31st until February the 11th
Time from 9am to 6pm


Connect in harmony with one another in a comfortable setting. Eda Gungor, Founder of SEVA Experience shares her extensive 12-year yoga journey and experience. The class includes meditating and chanting the Ajai Alai mantra which shifts the vibration bringing it in alignment with us. The mantra brings out anger, rage, depression and other unresolved emotions that can help in consoling the soul. This is a donation-based class followed by a potluck community dinner at SEVA Table, all proceeds are used to supporting certain schools and communities through SEVA’s channels.

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