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Beeline Productions set to release “Yaara Vey” on Nov 11

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates has long been a melting pot for many different nationalities and cultures. As part of elevating the country to global standards, the government has recently introduced many key changes to promote economic growth and art in the country. It includes Golden Visas, subsidies, cooperative officials and a landscape of standards which rank best in the world.

This has motivated Beeline Productions, a Dubai-based company, to produce an international movie “Yaara Vey”. The movie does not only boast of picturesque locations in the UAE,Georgia and Thailand but also of a cast and crew of locally based talent along with renowned international actors.

Releasing nationwide and globally across cinemas.

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In a press conference held in Dubai on Thursday, the team announced that the movie is all set to release on November 11 this year. Starring renowned Bollywood and Pakistani actors such as Sami Khan, Faizan Khwaja and Aleeze Nasser, the romantic drama is based on a woman’s journey to self-discovery and finding love. Veteran Pakistani actors such as Marina Khan and Jawed Sheikh can also be seen in this movie which will be released across UAE, Pakistan, UK, USA among other countries worldwide.

The cast and crew also comprise of local Dubai-based celebrities including the internationally renowned Aleeze herself, local actorAsad Raza Khan, radio personality Tarana Rajaand online sensation Sarah Shareef. Additionally, the director Manish Pawar and writers Althea Kaushal and MahwishAjazare all based in Dubai as well, making the venture a truly locally driven production.

“As a multicultural hub with a substantial talent, the UAE is a prime location for such a production and we feel fortunate to be able to bring together the best of the lot. Being based in UAE over the last many years and being my first feature film, I and the entire team were absolutely passionate to execute this project,” movie director Manish Pawar explained when asked about the challenges behind the movie. The songs are already receiving a lot of love and trailer has been appreciated by audiences everywhere.

Yaara Vey is a movie that can be watched with the family, and it aims to draw the true essence of a multi-cultured and multi-talented UAE artistic community showcasing that the future is bright for arts and entertainment in the region.

Other Cast and Crew include;Actors Ali Sikander(Pakistan),Poonam Vichare Moorthy (Dubai),Richa Anand Nigam, Rahul Kumar, Sanjay Chopraand others.

Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: Althea Kaushal, MahwashAjaz

Cinematography: Anik R Verma

Music: Atif Ali, Sanjeev-Ajay, Ayaz Sonu

Playback Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Ali, Rahul Jain, Nishita Charles, Swarjit Singh, Palak Ranka

Editors: Ehtesham Mirza, Tausif Mirza.


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