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#VisitCzechia redefines active tourism

PRAGUE: In a move to redefine the narrative around active tourism, #VisitCzechia announced the launch of its highly anticipated ‘Unexpected Wellbeing Campaign’. This initiative aims to revolutionise travelers’ perceptions of exploration by showcasing the Czech Republic as the ultimate destination for physical activity, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Building upon the success of its previous campaign, ‘Unexpected Traditions’, which highlighted active tourism in a unique and exceptional manner, the Unexpected Wellbeing Campaign is set to elevate the visitor experience to new heights. At its core, the campaign aims to demonstrate how travelers can seamlessly integrate exercise, relaxation, and rest into their journeys while exploring the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and diverse regions of the Czech Republic. Through a collaborative effort with regional partners and the Ministry for Regional Development, CzechTourism is dedicated to attracting visitors from around the globe to experience the country’s exceptional offerings.#VisitCzechia

Recognising the crucial role tourism plays in the Czech economy, the Unexpected Wellbeing Campaign seeks not only to showcase the beauty of the Czech Republic but also to support local economies and communities. By promoting Wellbeing Tourism as a means of experiencing the country’s natural beauty while contributing to its economic growth, #VisitCzechia aims to create sustainable opportunities for thousands of Czech citizens employed in the tourism sector.

The central concept of the campaign revolves around the idea that the Czech Republic is essentially one vast spa, where travelers can immerse themselves in relaxation and wellness amidst breathtaking natural landscapes and cultural heritage. Every outdoor adventure, whether it be hiking through lush forests, cycling along scenic routes, or exploring historic sites, is likened to a rejuvenating spa experience.

Mrs. Barbara Andelová, International Marketing Manager – New Markets, #VisitCzechiaCzechTourism, said, “We are thrilled to launch the Unexpected Wellbeing Campaign and invite travelers to discover the Czech Republic in a new light. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and opportunities for outdoor exploration, the Czech Republic offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to experience the unexpected wellbeing that our country has to offer.”

In addition to the Unexpected Wellbeing Campaign, CzechTourism has planned a comprehensive array of activities to further promote the country as a premier destination for active travelers. From curated itineraries #VisitCzechiahighlighting outdoor adventures to wellness-focused events and experiences, #VisitCzechia is committed to showcasing the diverse offerings of the Czech Republic.

The campaign’s visuals, feature captivating slogans such as “unexpected steam room” for a photo of a cyclist enveloped in mist, “unexpected pedicure” for bare feet navigating rocky terrain in a forest, and “unexpected aromatherapy” for a group strolling through a blossoming meadow. These images and slogans aim to capture the essence of active tourism in the Czech Republic, enticing travelers to embark on unique and revitalising experiences.

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