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World Population Day: PM stresses importance of joint efforts for resilient future

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday called on government departments, civil society, the private sector, and international partners to collaborate for a resilient and equitable future.

In his message on the World Population Day, observed on Thursday (July 11), he stressed the importance of sustainable population growth to ensure every citizen enjoys dignity, security, and prosperity.

“Our government is fully committed in its endeavours of providing quality education and skills training to this young generation to compete in a rapidly evolving global economy. Additionally, we are creating sufficient job opportunities for the youth to harness their potential and turn this youth bulge into an asset.”

“I urge all stakeholders – government departments, civil society, private sector, and our international partners – to join hands in our pursuit of a resilient and equitable future. Together, we can build a Pakistan where every citizen enjoys a life of dignity, security, and prosperity by steadfastly pursuing the path of achieving sustainable population growth.”

“Creating an environment where every Pakistani can thrive requires effective management of our population growth, ensuring a balance between resources and population size to foster economic growth, improve living standards, and reduce poverty,” he emphasized.

Pakistan’s demographic makeup reveals a significant youth majority, comprising over 65 percent of the population under 30 years of age. This dynamic presents dual prospects and difficulties. The nation’s youth represent a powerful force for fostering economic growth, innovation, and societal advancement. However, it also brings challenges in areas such as education, employment, and social cohesion, he said.

“Inclusive data allows us to pinpoint areas needing attention, from healthcare and education to economic opportunities and social protection.

“The government recognises the varied needs and challenges of our population. Equity is fundamental to our development agenda, and by achieving a sustainable population growth rate, we aim to tackle disparities and strive towards a society where all individuals have equitable access to resources and opportunities essential for their success,” stated the prime minister.

The theme for this year’s World Population Day, ‘Embracing the Power of Inclusive Data Towards a Resilient and Equitable Future for All’, aligns closely with the government’s vision for Pakistan. The government is dedicated to ensuring that every individual, community, and voice from across the country is considered in its policies and programs, he said.

He stressed the alignment with the global community in reflecting on the critical significance of population issues and their profound influence on Pakistan’s development trajectory. With Pakistan’s current population exceeding 240 million and growing at a rate of 2.55 percent annually, projections indicate it could reach 263 million by 2030 and 383 million by 2050.

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