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Abu Dhabi Police warn of risks posed by bad tyres to the safety of road users

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the dangers of using bad tires in their vehicles and called for the necessity of checking the tires, to ensure their safety and to make sure there isn’t any damage or cracks that could cause the tire to explode in order to avoid serious traffic accidents, especially during the summer period as a result of high temperatures.

Police urged drivers to use good quality tyres with specified size, air pressure and the temperature it can withstand, load-carrying capacity, the year of manufacture, and the suitability of the tires to their vehicles for long trips.

The key reasons for accidents during summer include the use of old tyres, too much or too little air pressure, being overloaded, and frequent use during long travels.

Police also stressed that traffic is being monitored and the law will be applied against violators, under the framework of the strategic priority to make roads safer. According to Article 82 of the traffic law, Motorists driving vehicles with unfit tyres in the emirate, will be fined Dh500 and their vehicles will be impounded for seven days, Abu Dhabi Police warned

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