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CEO Omni Group, sent a notice of 9bn damages to Imran Khan

Karachi: Omni Group Chairman Khawaja Abdul Ghani Majeed has sent a notice of damages of 9 billion rupees to Imran Khan.

In the notice sent by Abdul Ghani Majeed, Imran Khan has been advised to apologize unconditionally to Omni Group within fourteen days and refrain from making baseless and fabricated allegations against Omni Group in the future.

In the text of the legal notice, it is said that if Imran Khan does not respond to the notice within the stipulated period, legal action will be taken against him under civil and criminal laws.

It is written in the notice that Imran Khan in his speech on November 17, 2022 accused Omni Group of making a play bargain of 9 billion rupees from NAB, on which Omni Group has issued a notice to Imran Khan through its legal advisors.

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The damages notice said that PTI is trying to give the impression that Omni Group is owned by Asif Ali Zardari which is false and baseless. Omni Group is Pakistan’s leading business group, owned by Majeed family. .

According to the legal notice, PTI’s continuous propaganda and baseless allegations against Omni Group and its associate companies have damaged the reputation of the group, causing losses of billions of rupees to the group.

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