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Comedy Icon Bushra Ansari Reflects on Her Legendary Career and Life Lessons

In a recent candid interview on The Talk Talk Show with host Hassan Choudry, legendary actress and comedian Bushra Ansari opened up about her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry and the pivotal influences in her life.

Ansari, who has enjoyed a career spanning nearly five decades, made headlines with her recent one-woman comedy venture, Malika-e-Tabassum. The actress admitted she initially had reservations about the project but was convinced by director Dawar Mehmood’s promise that it would create opportunities for four other women to explore stand-up comedy in Pakistan.

However, it was not just her comedy endeavors that have solidified her status as a household name in Pakistani television. After a brief hiatus from acting, Ansari returned to the small screen with her acclaimed portrayal of Maa Begum in the hit television serial Tere Bin. When asked about the success of her recent performances, Ansari humbly expressed her gratitude, saying, “Tere Bin was a fantasy. There was a beautiful house, and I also looked like a very artificial, beautiful mother… it’s not shocking, it’s not surprising; I could just tell this is commercial work.”

During the interview, Bushra Ansari took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about her debut as a child actor back in 1967. She humorously recounted, “I was a leading kid for the first two years I was acting. Then, after two years, my dadi and dada told me, ‘Enough! Stay at home.’” Following their advice, she explored a career in radio singing, ensuring her continued presence in the entertainment world even during her absence from television.

But beyond her illustrious professional career, Ansari seized the opportunity to encourage young women, including housewives and newly married individuals, to pursue personal and professional growth simultaneously. She passionately advocated for women to embrace multitasking and continually acquire new skills.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in her personal life, Ansari shared her decision to divorce her ex-husband during a time when such autonomy for women was rare. She mentioned her daughter’s perspective, saying, “God has made us to be princesses and fairies. We have so many rights.” Ansari added, “I had this right [to divorce], but it took me 36 years to use it. I had to use the right wisely; otherwise, I could have divorced during my first year of marriage!”

In closing, Bushra Ansari reflected on the love and admiration she receives from her countless fans, stating, “If you have the opportunity to showcase the creative drive of your soul, then what can be better than that? Secondly, if your hobby turns into your profession, and you are getting paid for it, what else can you want? Thirdly, seeing the admiration people have for you – when you have to take two-hundred-and-fifty pictures after stepping out of the airport, from security to the pilot – that is only people’s love, isn’t it?”

Bushra Ansari’s insightful interview offers a glimpse into the life of a trailblazing entertainer who continues to inspire and empower generations with her talent, wisdom, and determination.

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