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Former PTI Leader Sadaq Abbasi Announces Exit from Party and Politics

Islamabad: Sadaq Ali Abbasi, the former president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) South Punjab, has made a momentous announcement, revealing his departure from both the PTI and the world of politics.

Abbasi, a prominent figure in the PTI, made it clear that his decision to part ways with the party was entirely voluntary and not influenced by external pressures. He cited an unbearable burden, particularly related to the events of the May 9 riots, as the primary reason behind his exit.

In a candid statement, Abbasi held the former prime minister responsible for the tumultuous events that unfolded on May 9, alleging that they were a direct consequence of the PTI chief’s influence and manipulation of public sentiments.

Speaking exclusively to Dawn News, Abbasi shed light on the PTI chief’s stance, which centered around a confrontational approach with the establishment. According to Abbasi, the former prime minister believed in resisting before seeking reconciliation. However, instead of leading to a harmonious resolution, this resistance, in Abbasi’s view, ultimately resulted in the disintegration of the PTI.

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Abbasi also disclosed that the PTI chief had expressed opposition to the appointment of Army Chief Syed Asim Munir. Furthermore, he revealed that on May 6, they were directed to organize a rally aimed at exerting pressure on the establishment, with the ultimate goal of disrupting Rawalpindi.

Following the events of May 9, Abbasi and his family sought refuge at a friend’s residence before eventually fleeing to Gilgit for safety.

This announcement comes on the heels of former PTI leader and ex-Minister of State, Usman Dar, also stepping away from politics and the PTI. Dar had previously asserted that the plan for the May 9 incidents was formulated in Zaman Park, with the objective of pressuring the military and removing General Asim Munir from his position as army chief.

Sadaq Ali Abbasi’s decision to exit the PTI and politics adds another layer of complexity to the evolving political landscape of Pakistan, with the implications of his departure yet to be fully understood.

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