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Gen Bajwa called me a playboy in last meeting, Imran

Lahore: Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that General (R) Bajwa said in the last meeting that he is a playboy, to which I replied that yes, I am being a playboy. Qamar Bajwa was backstabbing and sympathizing.

In a meeting with journalists in Lahore, Imran Khan said that General (retd) Bajwa hired Hussain Haqqani in America for lobbying, Donald Lowe was taught a lesson from Pakistan, Hussain Haqqani has been campaigning against me and General Bajwa has been promoting. That the Trump administration in America received a historic welcome.

Imran Khan said that General (R) Bajwa said in the last meeting that he is a playboy to which I replied that yes I am being a playboy, Qamar Bajwa was stabbing in the back and sympathizing.

He said that our three members of the Punjab Assembly have been asked by the establishment to remain neutral for the vote of confidence. Bajwa did not want to be held accountable, so the relationship deteriorated.

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Regarding his return to the National Assembly, he said that there is no point in going to the National Assembly.

On audio leaks, he said that Bushra Bibi is a housewife, what message are we giving to our young generation through audio leaks, let there be transparent elections in the country and make a sustainable government because transparent elections will bring stability to the country, establishment economy. It can play an important role in getting out of all crises.

He said that Bilawal Bhutto does not know anything about Afghanistan, he had excellent relations with the current Afghan government, dollars can be earned by selling terrorism, Musharraf also earned dollars by selling terrorism but 80 thousand lives were lost.

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