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In Cooperation with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, ZHIC Shifts All E-Services To TAMM System

Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) has finally shifted all its e-services to Abu Dhabi Unified Government System (TAMM). Which aimed to enable Abu Dhabi emirate community to easily reach and do such comprehensive respective services.

The pioneering step was part of Abu Dhabi digital strategy based on developing, improving, and providing government services with innovative mechanism to make life easier and meet the needs of the said community.

Currently, there are six main e-services of ZHIC on TAMM platform for clients to request introducing to Islamic session, cultural Islamic publications, social counselling, registering in Qur’an courses, Islamic culture courses, and Arabic to speakers of other languages.

In this connection, Dr. Nedal al Tinaiji, ZHIC General Director, detailed with pleasure, ZHIC effective contribution to Abu Dhabi digital transformation through a unified e-platform that would not only spare time and effort for clients, but also give them more time for communal leisure.

Moreover, she added, the six services were just a start for more effective services to come in conjunction with the government digital trends to facilitate communal wellbeing.

On his part, Dr. Mohammed A. al Askar, general director of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority commended the conveyance of ZHIC services to TAMM system. Which would signify the importance of inter-public entities cooperation for better communal service, happiness, and welfare. Dr. Asker pointed out as well, to the endeavors meant to enable various public entities in Abu Dhabi emirate to rely on such an integrated system supported by state of the art techniques and digital solutions to cater for clients with ease in line with the digital transformation adopted by the government to render the best world-class services.

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