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NFL Al Matyia Club to unite sports federations in UAE

Soon-to-be introduced club to work towards welfare of players, promotion of sports

Dubai (Staff Report) United Arab Emirates has a unique position in the world thanks to the advanced technology of developed countries. In every field, like tourism, sports, trading, business, language or culture, the United Arab Emirates is shining and holding high flag. During and after the pandemic of COVID_19, the UAE is the first country in the world to promote businesses and trade especially in the travel and tourism fields by providing employment opportunities.
For health and peace of mind, UAE promotes sports activities at world class level. The sports authority Made facilities for sports grounds In this regard.
Mr. Asif Ali Chaudhary, the chairman of NFL Investment LLC, who is running a famous tycoon group of Dubai, making efforts to promote sports in the United Rab Emirates. In this regard, he is going to introduce an other milestone in the field of Sports in the United Arab Emirates named, (NFL AL MATYIA CLUB).

The main objective of this club is to introduce itself at the international level and to organize sports events like different tournaments, Super and Premier League championships at the national and international levels by uniting all the sports federations in the UAE and for the welfare of the players.
Also, to organize international conferences for welfare and to provide a platform for them to bring innovation in the field of sports.
The Chairman of (NFL AL MATYIA CLUB) Mr. JUMA Attique expressed greetings in the introductory session and considered it a happy day . He said that this club will add new spirit in the field of sports and UAE will move step forward toward our goals and dreams.
The Chairman of NFL AL MATYIAH CLUB said that I am happy to see the arrangements of this beautiful conference at the platform of NFL INVESTMENT LLC and inshallah on August 27th we will organize the grand opening of this club (NFL AL MATYIAH CLUB). He is hopeful and looking forward the cooperation of the UAE government, especially Dubai.
The General Manager of the said club (NFL AL MATYIA CLUB) Madam Munira Yusuf addressed the conference and described the special advance of the club that it will give equal opportunities to the women and men. She said that in this club, we will promote sports with modern techniques of 21st century.
She also said the we want our UAE female athletes as powerful and successful as our one lady successfully completed a space trip to the Mars.
In the last, Chairman Mr. Asif Ali Chaudhary thanked all the guests who attended the conference.

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