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Where are Imran Riaz and Sami Ibrahim? Imran Khan

Lahore: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has demanded that journalists Imran Riaz and Sami Ibrahim be produced in court immediately and has said that these terrorist tactics are only an attempt to suppress the media.

In his tweet, Imran Khan has said that the nation demands to be told about journalists Sami Ibrahim and Imran Riaz, where are they both? Why is the journalistic fraternity so scared and shy that they are not demanding that both of them be produced in court within 48 hours even though it is their fundamental right.

Imran Khan said that the disappearance of these two should be called kidnapping. These fascist tactics are actually an attempt to strangle the media so that the brutal crackdown on the country’s largest party (through a media blackout) can be kept from the eyes of the nation.

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In his further tweets, Imran Khan strongly condemned the vandalism done during the raid on Ali Nawaz Awan’s house and said that he would have strongly condemned the demolition of Ali Nawaz Awan’s residence and the demolition of the main gate of his house. Yes, all this action of the authorities is sad and very cowardly.

Imran Khan said that his weak mother and his sister, who are considered as special persons due to disability, are living in this residence. The actions taken so far prove that the PDM government is a moral authority. Not aware of anything, the PDM government is afraid of the wrath of Allah, the PDM is inviting the wrath of Allah through its fascist actions.

He further said that Umar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar are not present in the country but their houses were raided at night. Today we are living in the darkest period of history where the constitution has been subverted and court orders are openly trampled underfoot.

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